A regular client, who runs a local estate, recently contacted us about four beech trees that had blown over during heavy winds. They had fallen on and damaged a fence where livestock were grazing and needed removing.

To remove such large and mature trees manually would be very labour intensive and take a long time, luckily we had our 5.5 ton digger to hand. Our specialist equipment made short work of moving the trees and we were able to then chop them up into smaller more manageable pieces of timber. 

The customer requested that the timber be ringed so that it can easily be moved at a later date.  We neatly placed it in a pile out of the way cut into small manageable pieces. 

They also wanted the brash putting in rows, this would provide cover for the nesting pheasants and other ground birds, helping the estate maintain its wildlife.

Once the tree’s were cleared, wood chopped and tidied up it was time to fix the fence. We replaced the damaged sections of the fence to make it stock proof again. 

If you have a fallen tree that you need moving or a fence that needs replacing then we’re here to help. We provide service across Cumbria & Lancashire and have the tools to do any job big or small. 

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